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The Story

Shlomi Ziv, 40, who lives in Moshav Elkosh with his wife Miren, was kidnapped on October 7 from a Nova party near Kibbutz Reim.
Shlomi secured the party in Nova with two of his friends. They were murdered, he was kidnapped to Gaza, Shlomi still had time to open the party gates to let the revelers escape - and talk to his sisters - "They arrived, I'm running away - we'll talk".

המשקפיים של שלומי

"A Glimpse of Hell"

Everyone should see themselves as if they were kidnapped on 7.10

8:14 Illustrates using VR glasses the experience of kidnapping and captivity, in 360 and 3D technology from the eyes of an abductor
The project will reach central locations and appear at municipal events in city centers.

Shlomi's Vr Glasses

Shlomi's glasses are VR glasses that simulate the experience of the Nova party, the kidnapping, and the stay in captivity, with 360 and 3D technology from the eyes of a kidnapped person. The project is intended to reach world leaders, with the aim of providing a visualization that will illustrate the condition of the abductees in the form of an emotional and physical experience.