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8:14 Illustrates using VR glasses the experience of kidnapping and captivity, in 360 and 3D technology from the eyes of an abductor
The project will reach central locations and appear at municipal events in city centers.

This year, in light of the situation, we wish to dedicate the upcoming Passover to "8:14" under the narrative:

Everyone should see themselves as if they were kidnapped on 7.10

The VR Glasses are intended to reach world leaders and humanitarian bodies such as the UN and the Red Cross and the general public in Israel and abroad, with the aim of providing a visualization that will illustrate the condition of the abductees in the form of an emotional and physical experience. The intensity of the experience can increase the emotional identification of the general public with the abductees, influencing decision-making of the decision makers in Israel and around the world.

We hope that such an experience will affect the feelings and attitudes of the public and the leaders unconsciously, and you will create a deep identification with the abductees that will contribute to their release from hamas captivity, and strengthen Israel's international legitimacy.

Now there is an opportunity through the "8:14" experience for everyone around the world to feel what the abductees are going through and create a strong impact for the story by creating everyone's private personal experience as if he/she was also there.

We are in the stage of mass mobilization, the purpose of which is to promote the project, spread it in Israel and especially abroad, reach the leaders and influence their opinion through the tool, for this we need your support!

תאריכים ושעות לצפיה במיזם :

We invite the general public to come and watch the 3D glasses and the full experience, through your eyes!
Viewing is done using VR 360 glasses and takes about 10 minutes
It is important to note that the entire project was born from donations, so we would be happy for every viewer of the project to contribute to its success.

Pay attention:

The video contains difficult-to-watch videos related to the seventh of October.
The content is similar in intensity to videos broadcast on television and does not include extreme graphic violence.
However, if you are not sure that you want to be exposed to this - we recommend not to watch.
You can stop watching at any time.
Viewing from the age of 18 and over.