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The Story

Shlomi Ziv, 40 years old, who has lived in Moshav Elkosh with his wife Miren for about 17 years, was kidnapped on October 7th from the Nova festival near Kibbutz Ra'im.

Shlomi is the eldest brother of his two sisters. His family lives in Nahariya.
Shlomi finished studying interior design with great success. 
A profession that he dreamed of pursuing all his life, Shlomi did not give up on himself and at the age of 40 he fulfilled his dream.

Shlomi is a big brother in every way, always taking care of his little sisters, serving as a listening ear, supporting, advising and always protecting them.

Shlomi is known as a fascinating conversationalist. No matter who was sitting in front of him, he knew how to give his full attention to them and be present in the conversation as if only they existed. His niece Linoi, wrote him a birthday greeting "I miss your laughs and my arguments with you"-they always bicker about all kinds of topics.

Shlomi likes history, science channels, and of course, like a typical man, extreme sports- which for Shlomi is Formula 1. 

Shlomi secured the party in Nova with two of his friends. They were murdered, he was kidnapped to Gaza, Shlomi still had time to open the party gates to let the revelers escape - and talk to his sisters - "They arrived, I'm running away - we'll talk".
After eight nerve-wracking days of uncertainty and worry, the family members received the news from the security system: "Your loved one is apparently being held in Gaza by the terrorists." Since then, the family members do not know what happened to their loved one.
Shlomi went to the festival in Ra'im with two friends - Aviv Eliyahu, a cousin of his wife Miren, who was in charge of security at the party, and Jake Marlow, a 26-year-old new immigrant from England whom Shlomi sponsored. When Jake immigrated to Israel, he initially lived in Shlomi and Miran's home for a few months. "He helped him find a job and settle in Israel, until Jake moved to the nearby Ma'alot. Even after that, he continued to be in close contact with them, and they spent a lot of time together and celebrated birthdays, holidays, and family events."

Shlomi, Aviv, and Jake loved working together, all three of them. Aviv and Shlomi lived in the same moshav, and the families were close. They even live opposite of one another. Shlomi has no biological children, but he has a special relationship with Aviv's children and my daughters. Shlomi, Aviv and Jake went to the festival complex near Ra'im on Thursday, and worked the night before Nova at another festival. The day after, at the same location, the Nova festival was held. By virtue of being the older and responsible brother, Shlomi called his younger sister, Adi, on Saturday at seven thirty in the morning, and informed her that it was decided to close the party because of the missile attack.

At 8:00 Rvital and her partner had already seen on television that terrorists were infiltrating settlements in the south of the country, and Roital decided to call Shlomi as well. "At this point, I already heard him running, panting. He told me, “Roy, I'll get back to you”. Run away, get to a safe place and talk to us." But the hours passed, and lists began to pass in groups from all kinds of localities in the area and kibbutzim where survivors of the party had come. And Shlomi did not appear in the lists.
And then night fell. We thought he might still be hiding, because there was still activity going on there. The day ended, and Shlomi still had not made contact. The family got together and began to act in coordination, calling hospitals and going through videos that were distributed on social networks.
That's how they spent the first days, with each other. Everyone had a role. "She’s checking Videos, she's checking Hospitals, I'm checking lists, Mom is crying," Revital smiles sadly. On Tuesday, it was announced that the body of Jake Marlow had been identified. Three days later, at noon on Friday, they received the message that Shlomi had been kidnapped. The message was from the army, but we didn't see it in any video. Miren didn't want to tell Liron, Aviv's wife, that they had announced that Shlomi had been kidnapped, because they still didn't know anything about Aviv. But Aviv's wife somehow heard the news and ran to her happily and said, what beautiful news, why didn't you tell me? They hugged and shared the happy news together and waited for news about Aviv. That Friday, a few hours later, they were informed that Aviv had also been murdered.

Credit: Ha'aretz

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