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Shlomi's VR Project

Shlomi's glasses are virtual reality glasses that simulate the experience of the Nova party, the kidnapping, and the stay in captivity, with 360 and 3D technology from the eyes of a kidnapped person. The glasses are designed to reach world leaders and humanitarian organizations, such as the UN and the Red Cross. They aim to provide a visualization that will illustrate the condition of the abductees, giving an emotional and physical experience, strengthening their perspective and influencing their decision-making.

Studies from recent years find that an emotional experience that provokes a physical reaction has a great influence on shaping attitudes and the way decisions are made. It was found that the effect of experience and emotion will be preferred in establishing attitudes and decisions at the expense of data and facts. The purpose of the glasses is to evoke a physical and emotional experience for 6 minutes, which will simulate what the abductees have been experiencing for several months. We hypothesize that such an experience will affect the positions of the leaders unconsciously, and will create a deep identification which will lead to the release of the abductees from the captivity of Hamas, and will strengthen Israel's international legitimacy.

The initial investment for the development of the glasses was financed by the headquarters of the kidnapped families. The glasses are currently in a preliminary version, after conducting a user characterization and taking impressions from different groups in the population (families of abductees, members of the media, students, American Jews, and survivors of the Nova). We found that the result was not effective enough. We must improve, correct, edit and strengthen the intensity in order to more accurately reflect the real life experiences. For this purpose, we need additional support, so that we can move forward quickly.

Today, the project is promotedin two main ways:

  1. Influence on world leaders to promote a deal for the return of the abductees.
  2. Influence on young people around the world and the strengthening of Israeli advocacy in the face of populism, false propaganda, and manifestations of anti-Semitism against Jews and Israeli citizens.  

These days a study was conducted by the Chord Institute and the Hebrew University that measures the level of influence of the binoculars experience on people's perceptions and attitudes regarding the return of the abductees. The purpose of the research is to develop interventions based on scientific knowledge that will help increase support for the release of the abductees.

For the promotion and success of the project, quite a few organizations, companies and associations are mobilizing to help us. We are grateful for all the help and support from our partners along the way: 


Who would have believed that six months would pass and the abductees are still not at home.
We don't have the privilege of going back to normal.
We won't stop until they come back.

If you have a way to help as companies/organizations, or just because you are good people and can volunteer,
We will be happy if you contact us by clicking here

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